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OS Streaming

A place to make it real... And a place to see how real it is... The Positive Change is working...

Now, watch it everywhere you are !

For all of us, OS Streaming is THE place to be connected on the Internet ! The place where you will find our Movies, Video Clips, our Documentaries, etc... Soon, this is also the place where you can share yours !

Our documentaries, our movies are all written and directed by professional, who have worked for international media groups. We are truly and deeply attached to a high-quality made programmation, and we want to make sure every media we produce is a media you will watch with a big pleasure. 

The payable access to media is made as a monthly gift to OtherSide.

As we will need time to create a continuous and high-quality media flow, we know that it will be impossible for OtherSide to ask all of you for a regular month-pricing.

This is why OtherSide will ask all of you how much you would like to give to watch our high-quality media.

When you will get logged In to the OS Streaming Platform, you will be asked if you wish a 48 hours connection, or a monthly one. 

Then you will select your choice, and enter the amount you give to OtherSide.

Those gifts will be only employed to renew our media flow and to create new high-quality contents. 

This is why the lowest price for a 48 hours connection is fixed at 2,00 €, and the highest price for a monthly and unlimited connection is fixed to 9,00€ a month.

OS Streaming is also the place where you will also find our free Project Updating Movies (PUM) which are special and short clips in which you will watch people building their project filming the progression of it !

Once or twice a month, you will see them to show you how proud they are to build a positive future thanks to our generous partners !

You will live it almost in live ! & You will keep an eye watching on the happiness your donation is creating, making sure you really contribute to this !

Please follow us, watch our movies, our documentaries, share and like, be hundreds, thousands and millions to follow and to contribute to the Positive Change !

We will never be enough for it !




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