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OtherSide Ethics & Policy

OS Ethic :


OtherSide is based on the main idea that we can share our possibilities to get the global change we all want.

OtherSide is the possibility for everyone to become the great change we are waiting for.

This is the reason why we made the decision to be different : we are not going to defend one cause.

OtherSide choosed to let you decide what you want to change first.

You have projects that will change one life ? Dozens, maybe ? Or Hundreds ? Millions ?

Tell us…

There is no small changes. Every change is a positive change.

And "Small plus Small" gives BIG CHANGE !

You can trust in OtherSide, as we trust in you all.

As a crowdfunding and as a raisefunding organization, OtherSide decided to follow a simple line : transparency.

We respect every donation, every donator, every creator. We respect your ideas and your projects.

We trully respect YOUR vision of what is a POSITIVE CHANGE.

We decided to listen to everyone. We want to build a strong and trusted relationship with everyone.

Because everyone is the key of the positive and global change !

The raised funds will always be used for the project they have been raised for, and the reported funds will be used after the OS Board deliberates of the use.

In this case, the concerned donators will be able to see which decision has been taken and why the OS Board decided to report it the way it has been.

For OtherSide, the only way to keep your trust is to deserve it anytime.

Our Politics Pages are available on a PDF format here :

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