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It might be a simple meeting of the OS family, as it can be a huge showcase to raise funds...

Anyway, everything which concerns the upcoming OtherSide Events is right here ! 

Do not forget to watch over this page any time you visit us, it might change fast !

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September 2017

Official Opening of OtherSide in Paris, France.

October 2018

Public Opening of OtherSide.

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Start of the crowdfunding campaigns for "EDEN" , international Ad Campaign for Women Rights in the World.


Are you ready, Germany ? OtherSide is coming to change the world from 2019 ! More to tell you soon !


This is a challenge for us !

In 2020, OtherSide will organize the first Solidarity Economy Meeting in Paris !

STAY TUNED, we count on you ! 

From NOW...

The "2021 : EARTH FOUNDATION" Project starts now ! We have 4 years to make it real, and to make it together !

Tell the whole world you are a part of a positive change !


Start of our Crowdfunding Campaign for a positive change ! Paris 2024, Here we are !

Different events, Different stories... 

& a World to change...

OtherSide & OtherSide's Projects digital, events and media needs and products are realized and covered thanks to our Partner :  

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