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As a Start-up itself, OtherSide understands what it needs to be developing a Start-up.

This is why OtherSide chooses to help for some virtuous start-up development.

Our partnership with structures like "Food Val de Loire", a Tech and Agro-Food Development Platform for Start-up, and also  with public partners, like "CC Controis / Val-de-Cher" and "CCI" allows OtherSide to raise funds for the development of those Start-up integrated to the pole. 

Those young start-up must be involved in CSR values and must have strong ethics, as a global and constant response of Food Val-de-Loire & OtherSide trust and ethics.

With this active partnership, our mission is to follow the development of responsible companies working in tomorrow's solutions research & development.

As a specialized pole of innovation, Food Val-de-Loire accepts companies promoting solutions to face the global challenge to feed our Planet without overusing the natural resources.


Our goal is clearly simple : we would like those companies to become major actors of their business market in being also responsible. We would like each of them to grow safely, without capital risks and variable positions. 

The funds are raised among our corporate partners and private donators.

In opposition to others, OtherSide will never ask those young companies to accept a contribution in return.

Contributors will not be share-holders.

But companies helped will have a long-term solidarity responsibility, accepting to become an example of sharing and to purpose valuable employments to local workers.

OtherSide will promote companies which have a mission of wellness and positive conditions for everyone.

This is the reason why we choose not to risk their development for share-holders benefits.

Finally, this is an easy-understandable concept :

Helping ethical and CSR involved companies will promote a long-term and valuable local employment, and an ethical development of new solutions against global issues.


So every donator might invest in their future employers companies !

You are interested in one of our Start-up activities ? And you would like to be hired by this Start-up ? You would like it to be able to purpose you to work for it ?

Boost up your employment possibilities in helping the economical development of virtuous companies...

OtherSide purposes to take advantage and to stop waiting for something that will never happen if we don't act together.


Become a useful donator and create your own chance !


The more you give, the more you will get new possibilities : if donators contribute to several local companies development, it will mathematically offer more chances to get employed and to have more possibilities to choose what you are working for !

OtherSide simply purposes all of you to become the heart of a revolutionary economic renewal, based on sharing, performance, responsibility and solidarity.

To make a donation is not to be hired, but it contributes to the strength of the company. And so : to create valuable local employments.

On OtherSide's point of view, "The Company of Tomorrow" is a responsible, human and positive company, truly involved in its employees constant wellness.

We don't have the ambition to renew the global employment market.

This is not our mission. 

But OtherSide wants to impact positively our societies, this is why we have to contribute and to secure the economical development of those start-up involved in researching new solutions for actual, global & human challenges.

Before exposing the process to other countries and cities, this idea will be firstly developed on the local area managed by the CC Controis / Val-de-Cher.

By its economical dynamism and by its social and solidarity implication, this area looks like a "Perfect Pilot-Area".

The local and political implication is concrete, and the presence of major groups is the reflect of the local ambitions to develop the future successful employers.

A call for projects will be launched soon on the local area, in collaboration with the CC Contois / Val-de-Cher and the local CCI.

A selection will be made by the global assembly and OtherSide will decide with them the selected start-up projects.

A "Start-Up" Flow will be created really soon. On this dedicated page, you will find the companies associated to OtherSide innovations, and you will be able to contribute to the financial development of those start-up.

Even if you are not living or working in this area, please do not forget that you can be a donator.

Tomorrow may be YOUR turn, and your area could be positively impact by OtherSide innovations. 

We know that everyone would like to be the first to get helped, but remember that a global change comes by changing territories one after others.

We also know that you would appreciate to get helped by people living 100 or 1000 miles away from you...

Please don't forget to do so ! And you may help someone you don't know to get a cool and valuable job !

Before getting helped yourself...

Because your turn will certainly come !

The world is ours.

The world is inside of you all.


We are the world.

We are all OtherSide.





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