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The Positive Impact is here !

September 2017

Official Opening of OtherSide in Paris, France.

Octobre 2018

Public Opening of OtherSide. 

About Changes...

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek". 

- Barack Obama -


You know our world has to change. You know we all have to change. And you know we all have to change to get our world better, stronger and much more equal for everyone. You wish life could go much more easy for a person or a community of yours. You have great ideas and strong convictions. But you do not know how to run your projects. You do not know how to succeed.

And sometimes, you give up just because you don't feel helped. 

We have a great news for you : you are not alone anymore, we can help you and the ones you want to fight for.

We want to raise funds to reach your and our goals, we believe in a social, equal and solidarity economy.

We believe in positive attitudes, we believe in positive community, we believe we can share everything.

We believe in you.

We believe in Positive Humans.

We are OtherSide.


And we are happy to welcome you home. 


OtherSide is an organization which believes in good and positive attitudes in between humans. We believe people want things to change, and we believe they are ready to support us with money gifts, time gifts, positive initiatives, and to help us all to carry that change all over the world.

OtherSide is you & me. OtherSide is both of us.  OtherSide is all of us.

We are to raise a little bit to everyone to get a big and global change for everybody...


OtherSide is an organization which is to raise funds to make humanitarian and united projects to happen.

We have projects that we decide to manage, and we have yours.

The ones that matter to you.

We are listening to all your ideas as long as it gets in adequacy with our ethics.

You must think of projects that will come in help to one or many people. It can be a cultural, an artistic, a sportive project, or anything else as long as your idea respects our policy, and as long as its interest is approved by our commission.

Then, we will do our best to raise the necessary funds to make it happen and to change the life of people you care about.

We like projects for one people, and we like projects for one thousand.

The essential point for us is to make something to happen : a great and global change.

And we know that it can start by changing one life. Then another. And finally, keeping on thinking and proceeding step by step, we will be able to change millions of lives.

OtherSide is a global vision of what we are able to do if we act all together.

OtherSide is our future.

Make it great.

Make it big.

Make it fair.

Make it happen.


We are all creators. Everyday, we create our life, and everyday, we ask ourselves how we could manage to get a better life. Not only for us. But for ALL of us.

The world keeps running and some people would like you not to run

with it. 

This is not a mistake.

This is THE mistake to do.

Ignoring faces, voices and choices will be the best way to get nothing positive for the next decades.

Our world is changing. Our Peoples, our civilizations are changing.

Everything is changing.

And we want you to be an active and a positive part of those changes.

Because you all have the best ideas to change with people you know the best.

Because you all know what fits the best to get the best life you could imagine for the ones you love the most and for those who need help. You have a concrete idea of humanitarian and/or united

projects ?

This is a local, a national or an international plan ?

You want it to come true ?

Whatever it is, it is a positive change for us.

So, get in, talk to us.

We are all here to change, too.



You can choose which project you want to support among all the projects we are constructing.

OtherSide is not defending one cause, but is defending as much cause as we are on Earth.

Because we believe in every good idea you may have to make one's life more comfortable.

As a person, you can do a lot of things to help us.

You can submit an application, and ask for our help.

You can also join us to help organizing raising-funds events and give your time, share your network, and convince everyone you know to contribute in any sense it is possible to.

You can talk about us anywhere you are, and share anytime what we are doing all together.

As a business company, you can become a full-time and a trusted partner, supporting us thanks to your donations.

Every project we support is highly analyzed to make sure we can reach our goals.

Every project we support will be the object of a serial of mini-documentary movie in which you will follow the progression of our initiatives.

Thanks to our channel OtherSideTV, you can check in real time what we are constructing thanks to your financial support, as soon as we can start a project.

Yes you can see life changing live !

And Finally...

As everybody, you can help us to reach our goals.

To make life go into the good side.

The one we are defending.

The one we trust in.

The positive one.

The OtherSide.

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