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ABOUT OS (OtherSide)

OtherSide is an organization which is to help all of us to carry a little bit of the big changes we all are waiting for.

We decided to create the movement of change, and to ask you directly what you want to change first.

What matters to you matters to all of us.

Because this is the way it will work :

You have decided to consider something to change and to act to do so.

You tell us what it is about, and if we agree with you, we will share with the world.

We support your project with our financial partners.

Because we have.

Some people, some structure have money & true generosity in the same time...

And they support us.

Or they are about to.


Our main financial partner is not a bank, nor a major company.

Not even a famous foundation.

Our main financial partner is YOU.


We will be in charge to raise the funds you need to reach your goal.

We will share with all our partners, which means we will share with everyone.

And everyone will be able to consider your impulsion and to support it by donating a little bit or more.

Because "a little" plus "a little" make big.

And this is what we all are doing here : we are making something big to happen all together !

You have a project, you want to change something in a positive way ?

You never felt considered talking about it and you did not know how to succeed by yourself ?

We will help you to make it the way you want, driving and showing you the good way for it.

You are not alone anymore, you are millions now...

Because you have joined the people from

The OtherSide.


We are going to make it simple : our vision is to change what is essential to you.

And to change it deeply.


Only by asking you, and by letting you the possibility to tell us at anytime...


OtherSide is an organization which raises funds to manage the big changes our societies need.

We realize humanitarian and united projects in Europe and all over the world.

But we are specials compared to all other organizations :

We create and we finance our own projects AND we purpose to do so FOR YOURS.

It can be a project to help one person at first, and dozen after, like the purchase of special materials, or re-arranging structures for invalid people.

Or it can be a project to help thousand of people.

Anyway, we are listening to all of you.

We will help you to reach your goals.

Because we know that a big change starts with one decision : Yours...


You can help by becoming a one-time donator or a regular donator.

Or you can submit your project.

And, of course, you can make both.

If you want us to walk by your side creating your initiative, you only have to purpose us a united or a humanitarian project to make one life -or more- go easier than it was thanks to your ambition.

Create a complete folder in which you demonstrate the positive impact of your initiative, and send it to us. 

Then, the OtherSide Board selects the projects we will support all together.

OtherSide will raise funds from our partners and we will create and manage public suscriptions.


OtherSide is lead by a group of persons who are convinced that we can change things and turn negative into positive as long as we act in all transparency with all of our partners.

See our Ethics & Policy page to understand how we work.


"Community" is a word we really thought about before using it.

Because we are not religious, nor politics and we really want to exclude strongly all precept of discrimination in all the way it can be interpreted.

Finally we decided to use it as a symbol of what we are doing : we want to create a "community for a global change".

So :

Our community is you and everybody. 

Our community is open-minded, well-wishing for others, and truly involved in what we do.

Our community kindly welcomes every new partners.

Our community shares with the world our initiatives.

Because our community is the whole world.

Our community is composed by people who care of others.

Our community can act for everyone, for every cause as long as it respects our ethics.

Our community is strong.

Really strong.

Because it will always be a new soul coming to keep on going on what we do the best :

Raise funds all over the world to let you decide and realize the projects that matters to all of you.

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We have some more to show you... Take the time to watch our ads and videos... If you are not decided yet, we hope it will help to convince you to join us... 

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