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Our Family is even stronger than our Community... This the way it works here and everywhere else : a Community gets ideas to change something all together... But it really becomes a Family when all the members start to turn projects into something real... 

What are you waiting for ?

Now you are here, join us...

Welcome to our Family.


Here we are ! This page is the heart of our intentions.

Where the global change begins.

This is the place where you will find the projects we are raising funds for, the place where you can find all the informations you need, and this is the place where you will take the time to make your choice.

And maybe, this page is the page where you will feel inspired by other projects and get the conviction to submit yours...

Do not forget to visit our "START-UP" page as well. This might be the place where you will find your next professional adventure !

So ?

Tell us...

Which change(s) do you want to support ?

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"2021 - EARTH FOUNDATION" - Re-Organize the world with OtherSide


Choose what you want to change first on Earth.







"2021 : EARTH FOUNDATION" is the most valuable and the most ambitious in between the OtherSide projects. 

In our vision of a global and a positive change, we are really convinced that we don't need to wait for political engagements.

We can take our chance and do it by ourselves ! And then the rest of the world will see it is possible and will get involved in our EARTH FOUNDATION project !

Some History first :

"We, the People"... This famous quote is the first sentence of the US Constitution (1787), and it foreshadows community visions and equal rights for everyone.

The French Fifth Republic Constitution (1958) takes as its first sentence The Bill of Rights (1789), as the first article clearly mentions freedom and equality for every human being, from birth to death. 

The 1948 acceptation in of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the NATO Representative Countries reminds that "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood".

Act together for everyone ! This is the main mission of OtherSide, why it exists and why this "2021..." Project does exist, too.

The main point of this project is really simple : we have to focus on what really matters for Human Beings, and to find long-term solutions to environment and human problems. And WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER. 

Collaborating with local associations and international organizations already involved on the selected areas, the project hopes to find efficient and long-term solutions to local problems, to impact positively and directly local populations, and to help them to live better than before we started. 

Every project will be driven by OtherSide, its partners and an "OtherSide External Expert", hired for his/her knowledge and for his/her capacity to bring a real solution and to work with other organizations.

He/She will be followed by OtherSide's Volunteers to apply and make the solution concrete.

"YES WE CAN" (B. Obama Presidency Campaign, 2008)

Together, we can do everything !

We all are able to contribute to a major change. And to change the way we want to.

We can share our richness, or will ; we can share our time, our experience.

We really don't need to wait anymore. And we have no time for it !

It will only take 4 years for us to be ready... 4 years to prepare and to start doing real things for true people.

In some parts of the world, we are all aware of dramatical situations for local populations.

Let's be clear : we are not substituting to charity associations, nor medical organizations or other ones involved in emergency situations.

The project is to work with all of them to have a chance to realize something from the bottom to the top together. We will add our forces to change positively everything that needs to be changed.

OtherSide believes in sharing.

We will never be satisfied with the fact to raise funds without finding true solutions. 

We will not simply give money and let people do what they want with the money we raise : we want to help with concrete and long-term solutions, and leave something strong behind us.

We are truly and strongly involved in every project we support. The raised funds are placed under the authority of OtherSide, its College and its Partners. 

We want everyone to share this worldwide and ambitious project... We count on you all to become protagonists of this major change, built by an independent organization, and for everyone's benefit.

On every step, every contributor will have the opportunity to follow the changes thanks to our documentary movies. 


OtherSide will ask 10 trusted, engaged and talented film directors to realize 10 documentary movies. One for each project we will manage. Each episode will be available on our Streaming Platform OS Streaming.

This will be mainly made to bring different visions of our world and of our global projects, and to show how you contribute to change and to impact positively the world...

It will be the possibility to follow and to see the changes brought by our commitments, to share human adventures, and to observe the results to make objective conclusions on our project.

And also to show the tasks we will have to accomplish to keep on performing major changes until we succeed.

This will be made to show that we can do it... We can change the world together without depending on political interests as long as we admit that we will change the world step by step. 

One area after one another... One need after one another...

This is the way we will bring a global change... Parts after parts !


Every local or international organization can submit a project, explain their missions, and explain what they need to accomplish it.

OtherSide will select the more attractive projects among submissions, and YOU will decide which ones will be realized.

Every donator will vote for a selected project ; you can vote for one, two, or ten projects... 

No matter how much you give, as soon as you make a donation you can vote.

For every steps we plan on our way, we will choose 3 projects, and the one which will get more donations will win.

The donations made for the two others will be reported to the one which is in second position, giving more possibilities to find a better solution. 

We will run 2 projects immediately, and the third one will be added to OtherSide's projects Crowdfunfing flow, so we will still have a chance to run it later...

The goal is clear : 3 selected projects, 3 projects finally realized, 100 % of positive changes !

All along the preparation, all along the project, you can get connected to OS Streaming to follow the different steps of the global project. 

A dedicated  website for "2021 : EARTH FOUNDATION" will come soon, so you can find all the details of the chosen projects as soon as the selections are open.

All along this project, we promise OtherSide will be prepared and will be a main part of this action, working with its network to find and to realize the best solutions.

Project : Show the world we can change everything if we act together and if we really and truly choose what we want to change.

10 steps all around the world to change local situations, to work with local or/and international organizations and to give a long-term solution to a local problem.

Realisation : Realisations only depend on you all ! Start by sharing the "2021 : EARTH FOUNDATION" project, start with submitting your project, and start choosing what you want to change first by donating for your favorite project(s).

We can build a school, help with health or logistical problems or for many other things ! You just have to tell us, and we all will think about a long-term solution and find it.

Minimum Funds to Raise :  10.000.000€ and more.

Show The whole world we can do it ! We deeply count on you all !

EASY-ACCESS TO THE STABLES FOR HANDICAPPED PERSON AND HANDICAPPED HORSE-RIDERS - long-term Pro and Semi-Pro development programs for handicapped horse-riders.


Contres, Loire Valley, France.

This small and typical french "bourgade" is well-known in France for its economical development and for being one of the first business developper in Agro-Food and Tech-Food Business. 

Located just near one of the most famous zoo in the world (Beauval), and also for supporting the local cépage : the "Touraine Oisly".

But there is some news since a few time...

Sébastien Grillon, head-coach & owner at "Les Écuries du Marçon" is used to work with excellent horse-riders, and is well-known to be a good horse-breeder, succeeding several times in French Hunter & Obstacle Courses in Semi-Pro French Championships. Today, "Les Marçons" are number 1 at the National Semi-Pro Hunter Ranking.

Sébastien is also used to work with handicapped persons and children, and wants to keep on that way.

In fact, he wants to develop this side of his activity even more than he can do today, and he would like to give young athletes a real chance to achieve their goals.

This is why he contacted OtherSide... He needs us, and he needs you all to make it real !

PARIS 2024 is coming soon ! 6 years from now is Tomorrow ! This is a chance we all need to seize !

Right now, we have to think about the formation of every valid and invalid athlete who will represent our country and to be an active part of the 80 medals goal !

But we have to consider that most of the budget will go for valid athletes, leaving dust to invalid ones...

And if we ask the question, that will be probably explained by the global time of media exposition, according to the Paris 2024 Organisation Committee.

OtherSide is made to produce united projects, and this project is clearly made to unite a whole world !

Olympics and Paralympics are the perfect symbol of human brotherhood and equality. 

Please do not let our chance to contribute in giving an athlete the chance to work as he has to to, so he/she might get selected to be a great and proud representative of the country !


To achieve this goal, we need to start by the start ! 

So, Sébastien needs to change and to modify the stables structure, so every handicapped person or horse-rider could come and have a ride without any help, in total autonomy.

Today, Sébastien has already spent money to fit the stables with specific materials to help handicapped horse-riders to ride as they wish to.

He can train them and they can appreciate to be trained as "regular" horse-riders thanks to this !

But the stables were basically not made for it, and a big change needs to be realized !

This story is not only Sébastian's. This story belongs to all of us ! 

This is why OtherSide decided to support this project : this is a positive change which will clearly help dozen of handicapped children and adults to accomplish their dream to become horse-riders, to be able to do the same thing than the others without being stopped by not appropriated infrastructures.

We choose to give them a chance to smile. Will you do the same ?

Project : Modify the structure of the stables, so every person moving with a wheelchair could be on his own.

To detect and to train young and talented handicapped horse-riders to give them a chance to get detected by the National Horse Federation to become a Paralympic Athlete for the PARIS 2024 Games !

Realisation : Build adaptative tracks for the wheelchair easy-access on the entire domain. We will proceed to the ecological Remove of the woods behind the stables, replacing every tree to an ecological balance, in the nearby Cheverny Forest.

Build an easy-access all along the stables, from the new entrance to the horse boxes, re-organise actual spaces to build adapted structures for handicapped persons and horse-riders to organize national handisports competitions. 

Funds to Raise : 50,000

We count on you !


For Women Rights WorldWide.

Human Rights in general is one of the reason why OtherSide exists.

We started to imagine "EDEN" and to work on this project in 2014, before OtherSide has been created.

We are delighted to see that the 2017 worldwide revelations concerning sexual assaults against women have truly changed and modified general behaviors with women.  

But this is a simple beginning.

As long as it will be necessary, OtherSide will be a super-active part in the fight against discrimination and an active protagonist for women rights everywhere.

No matter the country, the religion and the language, no matter the color : we want to defend the rights for every women on earth.

We will produce ads that will be diffused all over the world frequently to make everyone aware of this cause.

It will be available for free on our Streaming Platform OS Streaming, and we will give it to every organizations who need it and who are implicated in this cause. 

We will also share concrete projects with other organizations which are specialized in women rights. 

All around the world, we will select some organizations and some initiatives and we will work with and for them. 

We want to realize something concrete with people truly involved. 

Every woman in the world must be protected by a wall against violence and discrimination. 

OtherSide is one of these walls.

This is what "EDEN" is about. This why "EDEN" should exist. 

This ad-campaign is a reflection on the vision men have upon women in our modern world. 

A vision mainly based by centuries of lessons and knowledge only focused on a theological point of view. 

Time has come to learn with our reality : Human Beings are leaving in the world they deserve because of several major mistakes all along the past centuries until nowadays. 

This movie is about Eve's fight against historical and mythical reasons of the perception of women in our modern world.

This advertising movie is made upon one question : how would have been the world if the Holy Bible would not mentioned Eve as the one who had bitten the forbidden fruit ? What if Adam did ?

Is the general perception of women in History totally based on those writings ?

"EDEN" is the story of a woman who has been judged guilty for the entire human race. 

This is the story of a woman who wants to get free of charge, and to stop being the incarnation of human culpability and impossible forgiveness. 

She wants the world to recognize she cannot be responsible for all the evil the past centuries have bred.

This is the story of a woman who can talk for every scorned women in the world.

Now, she will be able to fight. Will you help her to ?

Project : Realize an advertising campaign to support women rights everywhere around the world.

Realisation : Multi-format ads, going from a 45 seconds ad. to a 8 minutes movie, passing by an alternative 2' and 4' movie which will be freely diffused on our Streaming Platform OS Streaming and through different media. Movies will also be given to specialized organizations and associations to promote the fight for women rights.

Funds to Raise : 470,000 €

We really, deeply count on you all !

NB : it is really important to OtherSide to specify that this movie is a fiction which clearly respects religious convictions of everyone and which is made in total respect of Biblical characters and situations. 

The global message and the general reflection carried by the movie will never defend religious radicalism, nor a political extremism, and cannot be used at this by any structure, organization, or individual person.    

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And much more to come... Why not yours ?

Our projects are realized thanks to your private donations and thanks to our partners.

New collecting process are currently in development & will be available soon.

We will keep you in touch in our Newsletter, on Socials LinkedIn & Twitter, & on this website.


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