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If you are here, it does mean that you are convinced by our vision... And above all, it does mean that you are ready to make one more step toward a positive change...

And that you want to be an extra-active part of this change...

Your project is a local, a national, an international project ?

It does not matter...

We can do everything as long as your project answers to our vision... 

We can do everything as long as we are together...

Hope you are ready !

Please read carefully our conditions of admission before contacting OtherSide.

Before submitting your project, we kindly ask you to read carefully the conditions of admission. 


As OtherSide is a crowdfunding and a fundraising organization, we expect from the creators a total agreement to our policy.

You will certainly understand that our convictions are strong and that our reputation is important to keep and to develop our relations with every donator, and with our logistical and financial partners.

OtherSide symbolizes a model of sharing, a model of modern economy, and is highly trusted by all of its partners.

This is why our selection process is highly demanding, as a warranty of a serious engagement from you and a serious quality in choosing the projects we raise funds for.

This means that if you succeed, your project is highly interesting for all of us inside the OtherSide Family, and also for the rest of the world !

This means that we ask you to work in a total reciprocity with OtherSide, and to make everything to win and to keep our trust, as you have to do everything to win and to keep every donator's trust.

We believe in you all, we believe in reciprocity and in the possibility to be a limitless community all together.

Play the game, and be ready to act for a major and positive change !


OtherSide applies a 4-Steps process to its Project Selection Program.

To make it easy, please find a short summary of what you have to do to start to change your world !

Please start with subscribing to our Newsletter, so OtherSide will have your contact informations. This is really important to keep on being in touch all along the process !

Step 1 - Explain shortly your project and tell us clearly why this project is a positive change. If the conditions are what we expect, your project will access to the second step ! Easy, don't you think ?

Step 2 - At this step, we ask you some more ! We expect you to send us by mail - at our headquarters in Paris - a global vision of your project, with a all the details we need : 

Project title, the context, if this is a local, a national or an international plan, the external help and sources if needed, the goals to reach, when the project has to be effective. If your project needs special features, please join detailed pictures and a summary in which you will explain their functions in the project. In case you already have or had financial partners working with you to build this project, please mention their name. If you already started to build this project, please make a summary of what you did before and the different results you had. We also need a complete business plan of your project, and the total amount you plan to reach your goal !

If everything is ok for OtherSide, your project will go ahead !

Step 3 - After your project has been deeply analyzed, and if it has been selected, the OS Board will meet to speak about all the projects which are on the table ! All of them, yours included, will be defended by one - or maybe more - member(s) of the Board, as a lawyer would do !

This means that your project will not be only considered on your file, but also it will be considered by the vision you inspire to us ! The more you work on your project before submitting it, the more you have chances to get good lawyers ! You create your own chance ! 

Step 4 - The Finals ! A 45 minutes meeting with the OS Board to defend personnaly your project, and your vision of the world !

If the OS Board votes for your project, then OtherSide will build your project with you !

So if you are at this point : Congratulations !

Now you succeed, you are acting for a positive change ! Our community, our family will support your project, we all count on you to make it happen !




And it is really easy to answer ! In fact, it is even much more easy than you think ! You just have to write us here !

In your mail, please do not forget to introduce yourself and to briefly explain why your project should be defended by the OtherSide Community ! Consider this mail as the Step 1 of the Process, and do not forget that OtherSide will not validate a submission with missing informations ! You see ? It is easy to start a positive change !

So ? Ready ? GO !

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